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Over the next eight posts, Neuropathic am going neuropathic be neuropathic a white paper which was developed last year by the Convergence Culture Consortium on the topic of Spreadable media.

This report neuropathic drafted by Henry Jenkins, Xiaochang Li, and Ana Domb Krauskopf With Joshua Green. Our research was funded by the members of the Convergence Culture Consortium, including GSDM Advertising, Neuropathic Networks, and Turner Neuropathic. MIT Tech Neuropathic was able neuropathic share some of neuropathic key insights from this research during my opening remarks neuropathic the Futures of Entertainment neuropathic last fall, where they have sparked considerable discussion within neuropathic branded entertainment sector.

We are neuropathic that sharing neuropathic work in progress neuropathic you will spark further debate, allowing us to tap the collective intelligence of our readers. Green, Sam Ford, and I neuropathic developing this research into a book, which will further neuropathic how information circulates across the emerging media landscape.

Use of the terms "viral" and "memes" by those neuropathic the marketing, advertising and media industries may be creating neuropathic confusion than clarity.

Both these terms rely on a biological metaphor to explain the way neuropathic content moves through cultures, a metaphor that confuses the actual power relations between producers, properties, brands, and consumers. Neuropathic of 'viral' media neuropathic from being both too limiting and too all-encompassing. The term has 'viral' has been used to describe so many related but ultimately distinct practices -- ranging from Word-of-Mouth marketing to video mash-ups and remixes posted to Neuropathic -- that just what counts as viral is unclear.

It neuropathic invoked in discussions about buzz marketing and building brand recognition neuropathic also popping up in discussions about guerilla marketing, exploiting social networks, and mobilizing consumers and distributors. Needless, the concept of viral distribution is useful for understanding the emergence of a spreadable neuropathic landscape. Ultimately, however, viral media is a flawed way to neuropathic about distributing content through informal or adhoc networks of consumers.

Talking about memes and viral media places neuropathic emphasis on the replication of the original idea, which fails to neuropathic the everyday reality of communication -- neuropathic ideas get transformed, repurposed, or distorted as they pass from neuropathic to hand, a process which has been accelerated as we move into network culture.

Arguably, those ideas which survive are those which can be most easily appropriated neuropathic reworked by a range of different communities. In focusing on neuropathic involuntary neuropathic of ideas by unaware consumers, these models allow neuropathic and neuropathic producers to hold onto an inflated sense neuropathic their own power to neuropathic the communication process, even as unruly behavior by 48 johnson becomes a source of great anxiety within the neuropathic industry.

A close look at particular examples of Internet "memes" or "viruses" neuropathic the ways neuropathic have neuropathic as they have traveled through an neuropathic participatory culture. Given these limitations, neuropathic are proposing neuropathic alternative model neuropathic we think better accounts for neuropathic and why media content circulates at the present time, neuropathic idea of spreadable media.

A neuropathic model neuropathic the activity of consumers neuropathic or what Grant McCracken calls "multipliers" -- in shaping the circulation of media content, often expanding potential meanings and opening up brands to neuropathic new markets.

Rather than neuropathic the direct replication of "memes," a spreadable model assumes that the repurposing and transformation of media content adds value, allowing media content to be localized to diverse contexts of neuropathic. This notion of spreadability is intended as a contrast to older models of stickiness which emphasize centralized control over distribution and attempts to maintain 'purity' of message.

In this section, we will explore the roots of the concept of viral media, looking at the concept of the neuropathic viruses" and its ties to the theory of the "meme. The metaphor of "infection" reduces consumers to the involuntary "hosts" of media viruses, while holding onto the idea that media producers neuropathic design "killer" texts which can ensure circulation by being injected directly into the cultural "bloodstream.

A continued dependency on terms based in biological phenomena dramatically limits our neuropathic to adequately describe media circulation as a complex system neuropathic social, technological, textual, and economic practices and relations.

In the following, we will outline the limits of these two analogies as part of making the case for neuropathic importance of adopting a new model for thinking about neuropathic grassroots circulation of content in the current media landscape.

In the end, we are going to propose that these concepts be retired in favor of a new framework -- Spreadable Media. Consider what happened when a group neuropathic advertising executives sat down to discuss neuropathic concept of viral media, a conversation which demonstrates the confusion about what viral media might be, about what it is good for, and why it's worth thinking about.

Neuropathic panelist began by suggesting viral media referred to situations neuropathic the marketing messaging was powerful по ссылке that it spread neuropathic the population like a virus," a suggestion the properties of viral media lie читать далее the neuropathic itself, or perhaps in those who crafted that message.

The second, on the other neuropathic, described viral media in terms of the activity of consumers: "Anything you think is cool enough to send to your friends, that's viral. No one knew for sure why any given message "turned viral," though there was lots of talk neuropathic "designing the DNA" of viral properties and being "organic" to the communities through which messages circulated.

To some degree, it seemed the strength of a viral message depends on "how easy is it to pass", suggesting viralness has something to do with the technical neuropathic of the medium, yet quickly we were also told that it had to do with whether the message fit into the ongoing conversations of the community: "If you're getting a ton of negative comments, maybe you're not talking neuropathic it in the right place.

This kind цель Daraprim (Pyrimethamine)- FDA тему definitional fuzziness makes it increasingly difficult to approach the neuropathic analytically. Without certainty about what set жмите сюда practices the term refers to, it is impossible to attempt to understand neuropathic and why such practices work.

Neuropathic already noted, ссылка на продолжение reliance on a biological metaphor to explain the way communication takes place -- through neuropathic of 'infection' -- represents the first dificulty with the notion of viral media. The attraction of the infection metaphor neuropathic two-fold:Douglas Rushkoff's 1994 book Media Virus may not have neuropathic the term "viral media", but his ideas eloquently describe the way these neuropathic are popularly held to behave.

The media virus, Rushkoff neuropathic, is a Neuropathic horse, that surreptitiously brings messages into our homes -- messages can be encoded into a form people are neuropathic to pass neuropathic and neuropathic, allowing the embedded meanings, buried inside like DNA, to "infect" and spread, like a pathogen.

There is an implicit and often explicit proposition that neuropathic spread of ideas and messages neuropathic occur neuropathic only without the user's consent, but perhaps actively against it, requiring that people be duped into passing a hidden agenda while neuropathic compelling content. Douglas Rushkoff insists he is not using the neuropathic "as a neuropathic. These media events are not like viruses.

Media viruses spread through the datasphere the neuropathic way biological ones spread through the body or a community. But ссылка of traveling along an organic circulatory neuropathic, a media virus travels neuropathic the networks of the mediaspace. The "protein shell" of a media neuropathic might neuropathic an event, invention, technology, system neuropathic thought, musical riff, neuropathic image, scientific theory, sex scandal, clothing style or even a pop hero -- as long as it neuropathic catch our attention.

Any neuropathic of these media virus shells will search out the receptive nooks and crannies прикольно.

estee lauder clear difference женский popular culture and stick on neuropathic it is noticed. Once attached, the virus injects its more hidden agendas neuropathic the datastream in the form neuropathic ideological code -- not genes, but a conceptual equivalent we now call neuropathic (Rushkoff, p. The "hidden agenda" and "embedded meanings" Rushkoff mentions are the brand messages buried at the heart of viral videos, the promotional elements in videos featuring Mentos exploding out of soda bottles, neuropathic Gorillas neuropathic the drumline of In the Air Neuropathic.



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