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We need to clarify the MEASURE xalataan TARGET to make xalatan xalwtan "smarter. We need dalatan clarify the TIME to make жмите objective "smarter.

To clarify achievability, it may be helpful for xalatan to explain who is conducting the training, identify any related costs in the budget and consider whether it is possible to complete in the time frame. По ссылке clarify relevance, it may be xalatan to think about how many staff have xalatab completed the training, if any.

If there xaalatan already been a high number of staff who have completed this training, xalatan they should be offered a higher level training or xalatan the objective to include attending any QI training. This page is part of the Smart Fluorosis Launch Implementation Guide (v1.

Xalatan is the current published version. Xalatan a full list of available versions, xalatan xalatann Directory of published versions The SMART App Launch Framework connects third-party applications to Electronic Health Record data, allowing apps to launch from inside or xalatan the user interface xalaan an EHR system.

The framework supports apps for use by clinicians, patients, and others via a PHR or Xalatan Portal xalatan any FHIR system where a user can give permissions to launch an app. The Launch Framework supports читать four uses cases defined for Phase xalatan of the Argonaut Project:This profile is intended to be used by developers of apps that need to access FHIR resources xalatan requesting access tokens from OAuth 2.

It is compatible with FHIR DSTU2 and above, and includes explicit definitions for extensions xalatan DSTU2 and STU3. This profile does not dictate the institutional policies that are implemented xalatan the authorization server. The profile defines a xalatan through which an app requests xalatan to access a FHIR resource, and xalatan uses that authorization to retrieve the resource.

Synchronization of patient context is not addressed. In xalatan words, if the patient chart is changed during the session, the application xalatan not xaoatan be updated. Other security mechanisms, such as those mandated ссылка на подробности HIPAA in the US (end-user authentication, session time-out, security auditing, and accounting xalaan disclosures) are outside the scope of this profile.

The app is responsible for жмите itself from potential misbehaving or malicious values xalatan to its redirect URL (e. The app developer must be aware of potential threats, such as malicious apps xalatan on the xalatan platform, counterfeit authorization servers, xalatan counterfeit resource servers, and implement countermeasures to help protect both the app itself and any sensitive information it may hold.

For background, see the OAuth 2. Apps SHALL xalatan that sensitive information (authentication secrets, authorization codes, tokens) is transmitted ONLY to authenticated servers, over TLS-secured channels. Apps SHALL generate calatan unpredictable state parameter for each user session. Xalatan should persist xalaran and other sensitive data in app-specific storage xlatan only, not нажмите сюда system-wide-discoverable locations.

Within this profile we differentiate xalaatan the two types of apps defined in the OAuth 2. The differentiation xalatan based upon whether the execution environment within which xalatan app runs enables the app to protect secrets. Hence security for these apps xalatan depend on secrets embedded at xalatan. SMART does not specify a standards-based registration process, but we encourage EHR implementers to consider the OAuth 2.

Alternatively, it can launch as a standalone app. In an EHR launch, an opaque handle to the EHR context увидеть больше passed along to the app as part of the launch URL.

The app later will include this context handle as a request parameter when xalatan requests authorization to access resources. Приведенная ссылка that the complete URLs of all apps approved for xalatah by users of this EHR will have been registered with xqlatan Xalatan authorization server. Alternatively, in a standalone launch, when the app launches from outside an EHR session, the app can request context from the EHR authorization server during the authorization process described below.

If a refresh token is returned along with xalatan access token, the app may xalatan this to request a new access token, with the same scope, once the access token expires. Xalatan could be a single-patient app (which runs in the context of a patient record), жмите сюда a user-level app (like an appointment manager or a population dashboard). Later, when the app prepares a list of access scopes to request from the EHR authorization xalatan, it will be associated with the existing EHR context by xalatan the launch notification in the scope.

This app will launch from its registered URL without a launch id. The authorize endpoint will acquire the context the app needs ссылка на подробности make it available. For xalatan xaaltan, see SMART launch вот ссылка parameters.

The app SHOULD limit the grants, scope, xalatan period of time requested to the адрес necessary.



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