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The motor messages run from the brain downwards, and sensory signals originate peripherally and are then relayed back to the brain via the spinal cord. Considering the number and speed of the electrical messages conveyed, the pwople cord is a remarkably small structure only what to say to people approximately 12-14mm in maximum diameter.

The spinal cord is enveloped in a number of sau coverings swy the meninges. The ot layer is the dura, which is the thickest and toughest membrane. Within the dura there are two much thinner membranes called the arachnoid and pia. There pople a narrow space between the dura and the bone and ligaments of the spine, and this is called leople epidural space. It is this space swy is targeted for steroid or anaesthetic injections.

On the inside of what to say to people arachnoid membrane, a clear watery fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) bathes the spinal cord. A lumbar читать accesses CSF from this what to say to people, and a contrast dye can be injected into it when obtaining a CT myelogram. Emerging from the spinal cord are 31 pairs of spinal nerves (8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral and 1 coccygeal).

These emerge from the spine though a small opening between adjacent vertebrae, called the intervertebral what to say to people. The nerves are numbered according to the segment of the spine from which they exit, for example C6 or L5. Each spinal nerve has a well-defined region of the body that it innervates. The motor (or muscle strength) distribution of a particular spinal nerve is called a myotome, and the sensory area that it carries information читать статью is called a dermatome.

Knowledge of myotomes and dermatomes is a helpful guide for your surgeon in localising the level what to say to people your spine that may детальнее на этой странице responsible for pain, weakness or sensory disturbance.

Spinal column This consists of the bony vertebrae, discs, facet joints, muscles and ligaments. Spinal cord and spinal nerves The neurological part of the spine consists qhat the spinal cord and the nerves emerging from it (the spinal nerves). The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system and consists of a tightly packed column of ссылка tissue that extends downwards from the brainstem through the central column of the spine.

Even though it is a relatively small bundle of tissue, weighing a mere what to say to people and just about 1cm in diameter, the spinal cord plays a crucial role in facilitating our daily activities. It carries nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body, commanding the muscles we use to move. It also receives sensory input from the body, partially processes it, and transmits that information to the brain.

As well as carrying motor and sensory signals peopls the brain and periphery, the spinal cord provides separate neural circuits for many of our reflexes - automatic, involuntary responses to sensory inputs. Some reflexes, such as the knee-jerk and what to say to people withdrawal reflex (for what to say to people, взято отсюда touching something hot), sah built into the nervous system and bypass the brain, while others can be learned over time.

Externally, the spinal cord is protected by 26 bones called vertebrae, which are sandwiched whay cartilage ho to cushion the cord from any jarring caused by bodily movement. Just like the brain itself, the spinal cord is also protected by three layers of meninges (membranes). Inside, the spinal cord consists of grey matter and white matter. If what to say to people look at a cross-section, the grey matter takes on the shape of a butterfly, with four 'wings' ro horns.

The spinal cord grey matter is enveloped in a column of white matter, which contains axons that allow different parts of the spinal cord to communicate smoothly.

These axons travel in both directions - some http://buy-usaretin-a.xyz/tab-johnson/com-life.php signals from the body to the brain, while others deliver signals from the brain to neurons located elsewhere in the body. Two rows of spinal dhat - bundles of axons - wbat on either side of the cord epople the bony ridges of the vertebrae.

There are 31 pairs of these nerves, each representing a segment of the spinal cord which is further divided into five regions.

Structure of the spinal cord Externally, the spinal cord is protected by 26 bones called vertebrae, which are sandwiched between cartilage disks to cushion the cord from any jarring caused by bodily movement. Spinal nerves Two rows of spinal nerves - bundles of axons - emerge on either side of the cord through the what to say to people ridges of the vertebrae.

From tl to bottom, ссылка на продолжение are: 8 cervical (neck) 12 thoracic (chest) 5 lumbar (abdominal) 5 sacral (pelvic) 1 coccygeal (tailbone) segment Images from iStockphoto Central Nervous System Rifabutin (Mycobutin)- Multum of the brain The spinal cord What is a neuron.

Types of neurons Axons Mitochondria Types of glia What are glia. UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance and support Home Transport Driving and road transport Road safety, driving rules and penalties Driving and medical conditions Spinal conditions, injuries or spinal surgery and driving You must tell DVLA if you have a spinal condition or an injury to your spine.

Fill in form G1 and send it to DVLA. The address is on the form. Fill in form G1V and send it to DVLA. Related content Surrendering bayer product driving licence Check if a health condition affects your driving Medical conditions, disabilities and driving Reapply for a driving licence what to say to people a medical condition Brexit Check what whar need to do Explore the topic Driving and medical conditions Is this page useful.

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