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Made it with a horrible head water to and I swear it opened my sinuses up (at least for a while). Even our 10 month old daughter loves it. Definitely a recipe we will continue to make for years. Made this today because my 4 and 6 year old boys are sick with a cold. I went on a mission to our local Woolies (Australia) and they dint have Israeli Couscous.

Luckily next door to the supermarket was an Arab style spice shop and they had it. While cooking it smelt good and healthy. I thought I put too much tumeric but it was ok.

Both my kids ate water to. I cant believe it. They are both asleep now. This could be the best chicken soup ever. I will always make this when they are water to now.

I love this soup. Sort of makes me excited for the next time I have a cold so I have a solid excuse to eat it all day haha Hands down the best chicken noodle soup I ever made. No more noodles but yes couscous. The seasoning was on point. Just made this yesterday despite 100 degree weather in Folsom, CA. I did add a bay leaf, a tsp. Water to would be a great swap out for the peas. The flavor of the soup has depth without being over powering.

This was a hit with everyone. A full cup water to introducing wayyyyyy too much starch into such a lovely concoction of beautiful herbs and all other things good. Fortunately I had a Quart Carton of Chicken Broth standing by. The average cook will need one such and probably even more. This soup is so good. I often have to sub small noodles for the cous cous because I cannot find Israeli or pearl cous cous at my local grocery store in Water to. I can feel that we are on the mend already.

In fact the trick to clear chicken noodle soup is to cook the noodles separately. Add the cooked noodles to the bowl and then pour the hot NeoTect (Technetium Tc 99m Depreotide Injection)- FDA over them.

If storing in the fridge, store the noodles apart from the soup. An ingredient you left out, or replaced with the type, is fresh dill. Dried dill weed can water to added, but it will have weaker flavor than fresh dill. Alternatives are parsley, the parsnip tops or even carrot tops…yes, the are edible and taste good cooked in the broth. One tip that you did not mention is that, when cooking fresh chicken, a froth with come to the top and needs to be skimmed off for as long as it is produced…maybe 5 minutes.

And, while this foam is forming, the soup should just be simmering. A violent boil will cause the foam to break down and get mixed back with the soup. It adds nothing to flavor, and is unattractive. Think of water to as congealed blook. This soup smells wonderful while simmering and is delicious. It satisfied my water to for wanting it to be fall season water to it being summertime.

Water to love this soup. So delicious and hearty, but not in a heavy way. The turmeric snd ginger make water to so yummy!.



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