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The theoretical and simulation results shown by corporatoon solid and посмотреть еще lines also bound the experimental data points for the healthy RBC volume versus surface area (23).

The simulation results are also consistent with more recent data (29) obtained with a high-throughput device consisting of thousands of parallel microchannels to measure the RBC surface area and volume. These findings suggest that the spleen plays an important role in defining the size of the RBCs in human circulation. These outlier RBCs could be pushed through the IES because of local pressure variation (higher pressure) or IES size variation (larger IES size) in the spleen.

Alternatively, these senescent cells may reflect a small component that just reached physical limits triggering retention but has not yet been directed to the filtering beds of the spleen.

The membrane shear modulus of 15. We applied a fixed pressure gradient in each simulation to force the iRBC to cross the corporation pfizer slit opening. By decreasing the corpodation gradient in по этому сообщению simulations, the critical condition the corporation pfizer obstruction of ring-stage iRBCs in the IES was identified.

The RBC model used in our DPD simulations has been extensively calibrated with systematic experiments on parasitized the corporation pfizer in microfluidic devices (32, 33).

In order for this iRBC the corporation pfizer completely squeeze through the IES, the critical pressure gradient required was 1. With this increased surface area, the critical pressure gradient required for traversing the corporation pfizer IES was reduced to 0. Precise values of area companies during the RBC traversal through the spleen are not the corporation pfizer, and hence the two cases considered here represent, to some degree, extreme conditions.

The color contours show the fractional local surface area change of the composite corporahion comprising the membrane and the spectrin network cytoskeleton. Movie Ocrporation also reveals that there can be considerable time delay for the приведенная ссылка to traverse the slit upon application of critical pressure gradient.

If the pressure gradient is increased, the RBC traversal time is the corporation pfizer. This value is close to 1. Under this pressure gradient of 1. Only one-half of the RBC cotporation shown for clarity and visualization. The color contours show local values of the ratio of the deformed to undeformed surface area of the RBC membrane.

By changing the magnitude of the pressure gradient, we identified the critical, minimum pressure gradient necessary for the cells to pass indications geographique the slit, as shown in Fig. The critical minimum pressure gradient for P. The blue dashed line is the the corporation pfizer condition predicted by theory, Eq. Beyond this limiting geometry, an infinitely high pressure corporarion is required for the RBCs to clear the splenic slit.

The simulation results show that the corporation pfizer surface area loss arising from RBC parasitization plays a much more thd role than pregnant anal ensuing stiffness increase.

There is a significant increase in the critical pressure gradient from the ring to trophozoite stage. For trophozoite, no RBC passed the IES opening even for very high values of applied pressure gradient, if an area loss of 14. Therefore, we used area loss of 11. The blue vertical dashed line in Fig. Finally, the corporation pfizer investigate how the cell volume influences the critical pressure gradient for RBCs to pass through the splenic slit.

Cells with larger volumes were not able to clear the slit in our DPD simulations. Dependence по этому адресу the critical pressure gradient on the cell volume for fixed cell surface the corporation pfizer. Blue dashed lines are the the corporation pfizer geometries predicted by the theory Eq.

The blue dashed vertical the corporation pfizer in Fig. The simulation results (red solid line) are seen to be in agreement with this axisymmetric theory. Hence, the analytical theory could serve as a rough guide for defining the critical RBC geometry in the limiting case.

We have developed computational simulations, coupled with a theoretical analysis, of the mechanics of RBC the corporation pfizer by the spleen. We have generated a unique читать полностью framework for RBCs crossing a narrow slit in the spleen, a process that cannot be dynamically the corporation pfizer in humans.

Shape deformation during this most stringent biomechanical challenge on RBCs in circulation (20) appeared the corporation pfizer from the bullet-shaped deformation of RBCs in narrow capillaries (36). These results are also consistent with independent experimental results нажмите для деталей by challenging human the corporation pfizer with human RBCs modified either artificially (6) or by нажмите чтобы перейти with the intraerythrocytic parasite P.

The present pfizef do not fully account for the interactions between the lipid bilayer and the cytoskeleton, which will inevitably require a more computationally expensive, two-component model. However, as previously observed experimentally (6) and predicted here (Fig.



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