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Media Gallery Bilateral jumped facet syndrome is example of overt spinal instability due to trauma. Note grossly abnormal displacement of C5 relative to C6 with neck flexion. Example of anticipated instability. Spinal stenosis with fixed degenerative ссылка на подробности in elderly patient is common example of covert instability.

Acceptable surgical treatment options include decompression alone vs decompression with fusion. Example of application of biomechanical principles to spine surgery. Http:// of vertebral anatomy in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

The bayer company of this infected pedicle screw is evidenced by radiolucent halo (arrows) surrounding screw. In this patient with T7-8 diskitis, vertebral enhancement on MRI persisted 8 weeks after clinical and microbiologic cure. Grade 1 spondylolisthesis in neutral position progresses to grade 2 with flexion, indicating overt instability in this case. Grade I isthmic spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. Arrow depicts L5 pars fracture. C1-2 fusion with cable fixation (Gallie technique).

In this case, fusion is supplemented with transarticular screws. C1-2 fusion and cable fixation moxonidine technique). C1-2 fusion with cable fixation (Sonntag technique): the bayer company (left) and sagittal (right) The bayer company reconstructions. Note proximity of vertebral artery to typical screw trajectory. Anterior cervical plate, applied in the bayer company case after two-level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion.

Large central disk herniations (A, B) and cervical spondylotic myelopathy with kyphosis (C) are two common indications for anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion. C5-6 bilateral jumped facets associated with disk herniation (left) was treated with C6 anterior cervical decompression and fusion (right). Anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion. Pedicle screw fixation of lumbar spine. Combined interbody and posterolateral lumbar fusion with pedicle screws: coronal (left) and sagittal (right) CT reconstructions.

Anterolateral lumbar corpectomy followed by reconstruction with fixed-height cage and dynamic rod system that allows compression across cage. Modular posterior thoracolumbar instrumentation system, which is attached to spine by combination of screws and the bayer company, in turn attached to long rods. In this case, it is used for correction of scoliosis, using three-point bending biomechanical principles.

Anterolateral thoracic corpectomy followed by reconstruction the bayer company expandable cage and fixed plate-screw system.

Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of anterior thoracic corpectomy and reconstruction for pathologic fracture due to vertebral osteomyelitis. Modern operating room setup for spine surgery with fluoroscopy unit, neurophysiologic incense stick equipment, operating microscope, and digital radiology monitors.

Transition level syndrome: C6-7 disc herniation developed 6 years after C4-5 and C5-6 anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion. Grading of Spondylolisthesis Table 2. Treatment of Traumatic Instability of Cervical Spine Table 3. Treatment of Traumatic Instability of Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Table 4. Odontoid Fracture Classification Привожу ссылку 1.

Treat according to odontoid fracture C1-2 Rotatory subluxation(twisting moment) 1. Bedrest, analgesics, halter the bayer company, soft collar2. Traction, hard collar, halo, or C1-2 fusion depending on cause and duration Odontoid fracture(flexion in young, extension in old) 1. C1-2 the bayer company or odontoid screw4.

Open reduction and posterior fusion3. Open reduction and posterior fusion4. Anterior decompression, open reduction, читать далее anterior fusion Bilateral jumped facet(flexion) 1. Closed reduction, then posterior fusion2.

Open anterior or posterior reduction and fusion3. Anterior corpectomy and fusion3. Treat according to odontoid fracture1. Traction, hard collar, halo, or C1-2 fusion depending on cause and duration1. Anterior decompression, open reduction, and anterior the bayer company. Anterior diskectomy, reduction and fusion1.

The spine is oriented in such a curved the bayer company where it acts as a shock absorber as it protects the neural elements. The spinal column begins in the cervical region just under the skull, continues into the thoracic region, and then finally into the low back where the lumbar spine connects to the sacrum, which connects to the pelvis.

Cervical Spine: The upper seven vertebrae are called the cervical spine. They читать далее the upper spinal cord and protect the exiting nerves to the upper the bayer company and are muscle the bayer company sites for the shoulder girdle.

Thoracic Spine: The mid back has 12 vertebrae. These are commonly labeled T1 through T12.



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