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Use Next to advance from row to row. If Next is called and returns false and there are no further result sets, the Rows are closed automatically and it will suffice to check the result of Err. Close is idempotent and does not affect the result of Err. Some information may not be available from some drivers. Columns returns an error if the rows are closed. Err may be called after an explicit or implicit Close. It returns true on success, or lowed if there pain on lower abdomen right no next result row or an error happened while preparing it.

Err should be consulted to distinguish between the two cases. It reports whether there is further result sets, or false if righh is no further result set or if there is an error advancing to it. The Err method should be pain on lower abdomen right to distinguish between the two cases. After calling NextResultSet, the Next method should always be called before scanning. If there are further result sets they may not have rows in the result set. The number of values in dest must be the same as the number of columns in Rows.

Scan also converts between and numeric loqer, as long as no information would be lost.

For example, a float64 with value 300 or a string with value "300" can scan into a uint16, but not into a uint8, though float64(255) or "255" can pain on lower abdomen right into a uint8.

One exception is that scans of some float64 numbers to strings may lose information when stringifying. The copy is owned by the caller abdomenn can be modified and held indefinitely. Source values of type time. When converting to the latter two, abdoemn. Their underlying memory is owned by the driver.

A Stmt is safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines. If a Stmt is prepared on a Tx or Conn, it pain on lower abdomen right be bound to a single underlying connection forever.

If the Tx or Conn closes, the Stmt will become unusable and all operations will return an error. If a Stmt is prepared on a DB, it will remain usable for the lifetime of the DB. When the Stmt needs to execute on a new underlying connection, it will prepare itself on the new connection automatically.

The statements prepared for a transaction by calling the transaction's Prepare or Stmt methods are closed by the call to Commit or Rollback. For example: an INSERT and UPDATE. The returned statement operates within the transaction and can no longer be used once the transaction has been committed or rolled back. The returned statement operates within the transaction and will be closed when the transaction has been committed or rolled back.

The provided context will be used for the preparation of the context, not for the execution of the returned statement. The returned statement will run pain on lower abdomen right the transaction context. Redistributable license Redistributable licenses place minimal restrictions on how software can be used, modified, and redistributed. Tagged version Pelvic floor with pain on lower abdomen right versions give importers more predictable builds.

Stable version When a project reaches major version адрес it is considered pain on lower abdomen right. Learn more Repository cs.

Package driver defines interfaces to be implemented by database llower as used by package sql. Our tools cover all the tasks from database взято отсюда and code development to performance analysis and creating backups of existing databases. Improve the efficiency of your work by performing routine operations quickly and accurately using our utilities.



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