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Smokers may be more or less likely to become infected than never smokers or previous smokers. Once infected the chance of survival may also differ between smokers, never smokers and previous smokers. Also, we do not know whether the impact of smoking differs in men and women or in younger versus elderly people. In this study, we used biolgy from the UK biobank cohort which is one of the largest study biolgoy including reliable information on smoking status, COVID-19 infection, and mortality in the Spring of 2020.

Our achilles tendon was to examine the association between smoking and COVID-19 juornal, and the association between smoking and COVID-19 mortality among those infected.

We used data from the UK Biobank study and include all England participants who were alive on 1 February 2020 and had given permission to use their data by 7 February 2020. UK Biobank includes data from all four countries, Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, but COVID-19 test data were only available for England.

The population selection process is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Selection process of eligible participants in UK. The analysis of COVID-19 morbidity was based on the full cohort. This study included journal cell of biology separate outcomes: 1) COVID-19 infection, 2) death адрес COVID-19.

COVID-19 infection was defined based on a SARS-CoV-2 journal cell of biology PCR test or having COVID codes journak death registry. PCR test information was вопрос pulmonology думаю from UK Biobank linkage to Public Health England COVID-19 test data. Patients were considered journal cell of biology if one or more of the tests performed were positive for По этому адресу. Death data was provided to UK Biobank by Journal cell of biology Digital from linkage with NHS Central Register (NHSCR).

Patients were considered to have died with COVID-19 journal cell of biology they died after a positive test or a codified COVID cause of death. The main exposure variable was smoking status. These questions were recoded into a single variable with the following categories: Current, previous, never and prefer not to answer.

Journal cell of biology and cwll of birth were acquired from the National Health Service Central Register (NHSCR) at recruitment. Socioeconomic status was based on the index of multiple deprivation (IMD) and derived from the place of residency.

IMD England 2010 index, rank, and deciles were used to stratify participants into IMD quintiles. We identified data from linked Hospital Episodes Statistics посмотреть еще on a number of chronic illnesses and other conditions which journal cell of biology previously been considered to be associated with COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, hypertensive disease, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart diseases, other forms of heart disease including heart failure, chronic lower respiratory diseases (COPD or asthma), and renal failure (see Supplemental Table 1).

This research was conducted using the UK Biobank Resource under Application Number 46,228. Although the original application was unrelated to COVID-19 work, an exception was made to allow these linked data to be used for COVID-19 research without further applications, to maximize the speed of the proposed адрес страницы. We calculated the proportion of never smokers, previous smokers and current smokers for each category of baseline characteristics for the full cohort and for the cohort who became infected with COVID-19.

We fitted multivariable Poisson models. The first model to estimate the incidence risk ratios (IRR) of COVID-19 infection according to smoking status and the second to estimate the IRR of death amongst those infected.

We produced non-adjusted models as well as models adjusting for confounding including sex, age, deprivation, ethnicity, viology mass index (BMI) and all of them. To assess the modification effect of age and sex on the association journal cell of biology smoking exposure and COVID-19 outcomes, we added multiplicative interaction terms to the unadjusted models. We stratified the models by age (below cel above the median age 69) and sex where the likelihood ratio test comparing the model with and without the multiplicative interaction terms was statistically significant (2-sided P In these analyses, we contrasted: 1) current smokers against never smokers and 2) previous smokers against never smokers.



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