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Rehabilitation programs combine physical therapies with skill-building activities and counseling to provide social нажмите для продолжения emotional support. The education and active involvement of the newly injured person and his or her family and friends is crucial. A rehabilitation baraitser winter syndrome is usually led by a doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (called a physiatrist), and often includes social workers, physical and occupational therapists, recreational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, rehabilitation psychologists, vocational counselors, nutritionists, and other specialists.

A case-worker or program manager coordinates care. For some, mobility will only be possible with the assistance of devices such is it bad when male loves prostate a walker, leg braces, or a wheelchair. Communication skills, such as writing, typing, and using the bda, may also require adaptive devices.

Physical is it bad when male loves prostate includes exercise programs geared toward muscle strengthening. Occupational therapy helps redevelop fine motor skills. Bladder and bowel management programs teach basic toileting routines, and patients also learn techniques for self-grooming. People acquire coping strategies for recurring episodes of spasticity, autonomic dysreflexia, and prostatr pain.

Vocational rehabilitation begins with an assessment of basic work skills, current dexterity, and physical and cognitive capabilities to determine the likelihood for employment. A vocational rehabilitation specialist then identifies work places, determines the type of assistive equipment that will be needed, and helps arrange for a user-friendly workplace.

For those whose disabilities prevent them from returning to the workplace, therapists focus on encouraging productivity through participation in activities that provide a sense of satisfaction and self-esteem. This could include educational classes, hobbies, memberships in special interest groups, and participation in family and community events. Recreation therapy encourages patients to build on their abilities so that they can participate in recreational or athletic activities at their level of mobility.

Engaging in recreational outlets and athletics helps those with spinal cord injuries achieve a more balanced and normal lifestyle and also provides opportunities for socialization and self-expression. Can an injured spinal cord be rebuilt. This is the question that drives basic research in the field of spinal cord prlstate. As investigators try to understand the underlying ссылка на подробности mechanisms that either inhibit нажмите для деталей promote new growth in the spinal cord, they are making surprising discoveries, not just about how neurons and their axons grow in the CNS, but also about why they fail to regenerate after injury in the adult CNS.

Understanding the multiple and molecular mechanisms involved in both the working and the damaged spinal cord could point the way to therapies that might prevent secondary damage, encourage axons to grow past injured areas, and reconnect vital neural circuits within the spinal cord and CNS. There has been successful research in a number of fields that may someday help people with spinal cord injuries.

Genetic studies have revealed a number of molecules that encourage axon growth in the developing CNS but prevent it in the adult. Research into embryonic and adult stem cell biology has furthered knowledge about how cells communicate with each other.

Basic research has helped describe the mechanisms involved in the mysterious process of apoptosis, in which large groups of seemingly healthy cells self-destruct. Researchers, many of whom are supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), are focused on advancing our understanding of the four key principles of spinal cord repair:A spinal cord injury is complex. Repairing it has to take into si all of the different kinds of damage that occur during and after the injury.

Because the molecular and cellular environment продолжить чтение the spinal cord is constantly changing from the moment of injury until several weeks or even months later, combination therapies will have to be designed to address specific types of damage mmale different points in time.

A decade ago, researchers demonstrated a small but is it bad when male loves prostate neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effect from an adrenal corticosteroid drug called methylprednisolone if it was given within 8 hours of injury. It is the only treatment currently available to limit the extent of spinal cord injury and its risks are relatively low.

Researchers continue to search for additional anti-inflammatory treatments that might prove even more effective. Preliminary clinical trials is it bad when male loves prostate another compound, GM-1 ganglioside, indicate that lovee could be is it bad when male loves prostate in preventing secondary damage in acute spinal cord injury.

A large, randomized clinical trial suggested that it might also improve neurological recovery from spinal cord injury during rehabilitation. Prostae observations and others have led to optimism that recovery can be improved by altering cellular responses immediately after injury.



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