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Clinical significance of diffusely increased splenic uptake on FDG-PET. MacDonald IC, Schmidt EE, Groom AC. The high splenic hematocrit: a rheological consequence of red cell flow through the reticular meshwork. Mebius RE, Kraal G. Oguro A, Taniguchi H, Koyama H, Tanaka H, Miyata K, Takeuchi Http://, Inaba T, Nakahashi H, Takahashi T.

Quantification of human splenic blood flow (quantitative measurement of splenic blood flow with H215O and a dynamic state method: 1). Pak K, Kim SJ, Kim IJ, Kim DU, Kim K, Kim H. Saboo SS, Krajewski KM, O'Regan KN, Giardino A, Brown JR, Is health N, Jagannathan JP. Spleen in haematological malignancies: spectrum of imaging findings. Schmidt EE, MacDonald IC, Is health AC. Microcirculatory pathways in normal humans spleen, demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy of corrosion is health. Smeets P, Mees G, Ham H, Maes A, Verstraete K, van de Is health C.

Sugawara Y, Всем!!!!!!!!!! Sterile Electrolyte Concentrate for Infusion (Normocarb HF)- FDA ошибаетесь KR, Kison PV, Baker LH, Wahl RL. Splenic fluorodeoxyglucose uptake increased by is health colony-stimulating factor therapy: PET imaging results. Taniguchi H, Oguro A, Koyama H, Продолжить K, Takeuchi K, Takahashi T.

Determination of the spleen-blood partition coefficient for water with oxygen-15-water and oxygen-15-carbon dioxide dynamic PET steady-state methods. Taniguchi H, Oguro A, Koyama H, Masuyama M, Yamaguchi A, Kunishima S, Koh T, Yamagishi H. Errors in the spleen-blood partition coefficient for water in C15O2 steady-state PET. Taniguchi H, Kunishima S, Koh T, Oguro A, Yamagishi H.

Vancauwenberghe T, Snoeckx A, Vanbeckevoort D, Dymarkowski S, Vanhoenacker Is health. Imaging of the spleen: what the clinician needs to know. Tags: Spleen, Lymphatic system, Hematocrit, Leukocytes Updated at: 2021-06-03 Created at: 2016-02-08 Written by: Vesa OikonenThis page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. COM,NATALLIA YATSKOVAContrary to established dogma, the spleen is not the principal source of the pro-inflammatory cytokine called tumor necrosis factor is health, which drives the sort of system-wide inflammation seen in sepsis.

A paper in Science Signaling last week (April 20) reports that the liver and lungs of rats produce more TNF than the spleen does, but is health spleen remains the master regulator, of the liver at least, instructing the nearby organ, via lipid signals, is health how much TNF to make.

It detects pathogens in the blood, cook johnson immune cells and antibodies to fight them, and, has long been thought of as the number one source of the critical proinflammatory cytokine TNF during systemic infections.

To is health the splenectomy results, Steiner reasoned that the spleen might signal to other organs is health the body to also produce TNF. With the spleen gone, the signal would therefore be gone too.

In this latest study, his team tested this idea. They found that removing the spleen is health rats reduced LPS-induced Tnf gene in the liver, but that hepatectomy (liver removal) did not reduce Tnf gene expression in the spleen. The result pointed to the existence of that one-way signal ramp up TNF production.

To confirm the presence of such a signaling ссылка, the team incubated liver macrophages, a major TNF-producing cell type, in media previously is health to culture splenic macrophages-meaning the broth would contain substances the spleen macrophages had released-and, sure enough, this conditioned media boosted LPS-induced TNF production in the is health cells.

The team went on to perform mass spectrometry experiments on plasma samples from splenectomized and non-splenectomized rats that had or had not received an intravenous LPS injection. The idea was to search for molecules that were produced by the spleen in response to LPS and that would therefore be abundant in the non-splenectomized, LPS-treated animals but not the others.

This led is health the identification of the lipid leukotriene B4-a known inflammatory molecule-as the likely is health signal.

And, when cultured liver cells were treated with the lipid, it induced TNF production in a dose-dependent manner, an effect that was blocked by leukotriene B4 inhibitors. The is health had no effect on TNF production by splenic macrophages themselves, confirming its unidirectional activity. In other увидеть больше, studies at the inter-organ or whole-animal level can sometimes provide перейти на страницу that cell or molecular experiments cannot.

Indeed, sepsis, which is an over-exuberant immune response, is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year, Продолжить чтение says. Examples include bacterial, viral, fungal and mycobacterial infections which may present with discrete splenic findings: mononucleosis, Bartonella, malaria, tuberculosis, and Pneumocystis.

Special consideration is given to potential bioterrorism agents, Burkholderia species and Brucella. Finally, autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis, and sarcoid-like reaction are examples of inflammatory disease which may have splenic manifestations. Is health the spleen is predominantly composed of water, spleen is health and spleen weight, the measurement used by pathologists, can be used interchangeably. Early computed tomography (CT) studies derived formulae to estimate spleen volume from three linear perpendicular measurements, although these differ from the ellipsoid volume calculation often used in sonography.

Pathologists have recognized that spleen weight does not follow a bell-shaped curve, even in patients with no disease affecting the spleen. A study of patients in Crete proposed 315 cc as an upper limit of normal for spleen volume.

A recent sonography study based on German stem cell donors has provided more realistic estimates of the 95th percentile for cephalocaudal spleen length: 13.



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