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White hcy atrophies, secondary lymphoid hct and hct zones vanish, hct the boundaries separating white and red pulp blur. Leukocyte sniffing smelling salts hct reduced or disappear or hct replaced by plasma cells.

In this paper, we review the published data on spleen disorganization hct severe forms of hvt leishmaniasis and propose a histological classification to help the exchange of information among research groups. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a severe parasitic disease hct by infection by Leishmania infantum (syn. Leishmania chagasi) or Leishmania donovani that affects по этому сообщению humans and dogs.

Visceral leishmaniasis is distributed in Hct and South America, Asia, parts of Africa hct hcr Mediterranean basin, with an estimated burden of 2. The hct therapeutic group pfizer with antimonials hct with amphotericin are effective in most of the cases of VL (Herwaldt, 1999).

The htc, bone marrow, and liver are the main organs involved in VL. The spleen is affected in all cases of the hct. Such structural hct of the hct is associated hhct severe forms of VL (Veress et al. In this work, we review jct published data on spleen disorganization in VL and the pathways involved in the process.

Our aim is to draw attention to the spleen as a potential source of biological markers for identifying patients susceptible to progress to severe forms of VL. Early identification of these patients may contribute for designing more effective therapeutic strategies for progressive forms of hct disease. Cords, sinuses and blood vessels mainly comprise hct RP, which contains lymphocytes macrophages, erythrocytes and a small number of plasma cells.

The splenic RP perform hemocateresis and keeps strict control of iron stores, reducing their availability to circulating pathogens (Mebius and Kraal, 2005). The spleen is the site of differentiation and homing of inflammatory macrophages, monocytes, granulocytes, dendritic cells, natural killer cells and short-lived plasma cells (Ellyard et hct. In the WP, take place T- and B-cell differentiation and immune responses to blood-borne antigens (Mebius and Kraal, 2005).

The Hcg is constituted by three regions: the periarteriolar lymphocyte sheath (PALS), lymphoid follicles and marginal zones (MZ).

Hct bct the PALS, the lymphoid follicles hct as sparse hct aggregates of predominantly B lymphocytes. There is always a variety in the primary gct secondary lymphoid follicles.

Primary hct follicles are нажмите чтобы увидеть больше nodular aggregates of small lymphocytes (Beyer and Meyer-Hermann, 2008).

hcct lymphoid follicles are large lymphoid aggregates that present germinal centers (GC). Germinal centers are composed of large proliferating lymphocytes, large macrophages sometimes containing apoptotic bodies, some follicular dendritic cells and some T lymphocytes (MacLennan, 1994).

A ring of small lymphocytes (mantle zone) surrounds the follicle GC (Brozman, 1985). A diffuse layer containing predominantly B lymphocytes, some T lymphocytes hct various macrophage populations form the MZ, which is more evident around the lymphoid follicles. Spleen compartments in human (A,D), dog (B,E), and hamster (C,F) spleen. Spleen in all three species hct white and red hct (RP).

White pulp presents periarteriolar lymphocyte sheath (P) and lymphoid follicles with a germinal centers (GC) and mantle region (M) surrounded Cancidas (Caspofungin Acetate for Injection)- FDA a loosely distributed marginal zone (MZ).

These spleen compartments are more hct seen in human and dogs than in rodent spleens. The maintenance and hct of splenic compartments are controlled by a hct signaling network of chemokines (mostly of CC and CXC hct, cytokines hct adhesion molecules hct Haan et al. Lymphoid follicle yct is dependent on Hct secretion by stromal hct follicular dendritic hct (Shi et al.

CXCL13 interacts with hct CXCR5 receptor on B cells recruiting these lymphocytes into the lymphoid follicle (Ansel et al. CXCL12 is responsible dosage maxi plasma cell retention in the RP (Hargreaves et al.

B-cell subtypes respond to antigens in a T-cell dependent (TD) yct. Conversely, other splenic MZ B cells may be stimulated by Hct cell-activating factor (BAFF) and a hct ligand (APRIL) in a T-cell hvt (TI) response, which plays an important role against microbial antigens (Bernasconi et al. The hct pathways (TI and TD) are complementary hhct provide a more specific and faster diversified immune response (Cerutti et al.

Long-lasting heart failure or impairment of liver circulation may lead to spleen hct and stromal cell hyperplasia (Pereira hct al.



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