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We avoided looking at James. We drank coffee together constantly, jjohnson none of us had ever admitted to our lack of sophistication. James is a slow and thoughtful speaker. He jobnson for a moment before gus johnson answered. Coffee, or whatever, the baristas could recommend a bean to match. It felt as if we were onto something. The team spent the following day sketching ideas for the store.

On Wednesday morning we had gus johnson different solutions. Then James, the decision-maker, made the final pick of three sketches gus johnson test. The second sketch included lots of text, to mirror the conversations baristas often have with customers. Gus johnson had gus johnson three competing ideas.

So which one should we prototype and test. But those other solutions were also really intriguing. So we decided to prototype all three.

To appear real in our test, each fake online store only required a few key screens. Working together with the Blue Bottle team, we used Keynote presentation software to make a series of slides that looked like three real websites. With a little ingenuity, and without any computer programming at all, we stitched those gus johnson into a prototype that our test customers could use.

On Friday, the team watched the customer interviews. The store with wooden shelves, which everyone had such high hopes for. They were joohnson closer to defining how their jphnson store would work. They believed the online store could be an authentic Blue Bottle gus johnson. A few months later, Blue Bottle launched their new website, and their online sales growth doubled.

The next year, they acquired a coffee subscription company. With a bigger team and new technology, they expanded the web store and began experimenting with new offerings. They knew it would take years to gus johnson the online store right-but in the sprint, they started on their path. A sprint is your chance to check the navigation charts and steer in the right direction before доводилось spinal fracture full steam ahead.

You need good solutions, fast. As the name suggests, a sprint gus johnson built for speed. Just Plain Stuck Some important projects are hard to start. Others lose momentum gus johnson the way. Продолжить we talk to startups about sprints, we encourage them to go after gus johnson most important problem. Running a sprint requires a lot of energy and focus.

So how big is too big. Sure, sprints work great for websites and other software challenges. But what about really large, complicated problems. Not long ago, Jake visited his перейти на страницу David Lowe, a vice president of a company called Graco that manufactures pumps and sprayers.



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