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This may be partly attributable to the fact that she had previously been vaccinated against tetanus, and that there was relatively little penetration of the skin goldenseal the bite site.

Several studies therefore recommend that intubation and monitoring in the Intensive Care Department be considered at an early stage (2, 10, goldenseal. Tetanus vaccination was introduced into goldenseal Norwegian infant vaccination programme in 1952. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends goldenseal non-immunocompromised people who have had primary vaccination be given a booster dose of tetanus vaccine in the event of wounds if it is more than ten years since goldenseal last vaccination for a clean wound, or more than five goldenseal for an unclean wound (3).

Persons who have goldenseal had the primary vaccination course of three doses should start or complete the primary vaccination course. Goldenseal wounds are defined нажмите для деталей wounds that are visibly contaminated or that are not cleaned or revised within six hours of the injury.

Deep goldenseal wounds are also defined as unclean. In addition to vaccination, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends injection of goldenseal IU HTIg as prophylactic treatment for unclean wounds that are not fully revised within six hours, in persons who have not undergone primary vaccination (3).

Our patient had undergone primary vaccination and been revaccinated nine years before the onset of symptoms. However, cat bites are often deep, and the bowels of animals, including cats, often contain C. This indicates that animal bites, and cat bites in particular, should also be classified as unclean перейти, irrespective of the appearance of the wound, unless the wound is adequately revised within goldenseal hours of the injury.

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Goldenseal JJ, Yen LM, Cook Goldenseal et al. An unexpected tetanus case. Tetanus in developing goldenseal a case series and review. Durability of vaccine-induced immunity against tetanus and diphtheria toxins: A crosssectional analysis. PlumX Published: 30 October 2019 Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2019 doi: 10. Plum Print visual indicator of research metrics PlumX Metrics. Hold deg oppdatert om goldenseal forskning og medisinske nyheter.

See All Articles Jacob Dag Berild Department of Vaccine Preventable Diseases Norwegian Institute of Goldenseal Вот ссылка Jacob Dag Berild is a specialty registrar in community medicine. Goldenseal Our patient developed trismus and facial spasms goldenseal weeks after a cat goldenseal. The patient has consented to the publication of the article.

The authors thank the patient for her positive cooperation during the work on the manuscript. The article has been peer-reviewed.



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